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Pre-production involves everything that happens before filming begins. Elements such as manpower, props and logistics amongst others are coordinated from scratch based on the script, and all must be in place to ensure smooth filming process.


Video production is the process of capturing film. This process will capture all the scenes and information captured according the pre-production process. During the production process we apply various of lighting requirements, framing and composition to ensure premium looking footages are produced.


Post-Production is the stage when the editor digs into the recorded video and assembles it in accordance with the script. Graphics, music, sound effects, and visual effects are crafted and added, along with color correction and grading, audio sweetening, and sound design to ensure materials surpasses the clients expectation.


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Orangetree Production Sdn. Bhd, was established in March 2006 to cater the needs of broadcasting in Malaysia and around the region.

We are now amongst the major players in the broadcasting industry and have produced hundreds of programs to date. Having produced programs of various genres, every project is handled with the utmost priority and is designed specifically to be unique, coupled with quality to ensure specifications and expectations are met.


Our team posses strong working relationship with local broadcasting stations and the corporate sector. Our knowledge and experience and desire to provide excellent services sets us apart from the competition. We have a pool of great talent which includes broadcasting and production directors, producers, scriptwriters and presenters both full and part time ready to tackle any projects at any time.